Thursday, December 15, 2011

Plarn plarn plarn!

Ok so I was going to work on another post in my crocheting basics series, but instead, thanks to the wonderful generosity of my community, I have been making plarn for 2 days straight! For those who do not know, plarn is plastic yarn :) You take plastic bags of any type, grocery bags, etc, and cut them to create yarn. While I may make my own tutorial for plarn creation in the future, since I am literally up to my eyeballs in plastic bags, I thought I would link to a couple of videos I have found helpful in learning to create this wonderful crocheting and knitting substance out of something that generally ends up in a landfill. The first video is 1-ply plarn and the second video is 2-ply plarn. These are especially useful in making charity projects like sleeping mats for homeless shelters. They hold in heat, keep out vermin, do not rot. I hope you enjoy!

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