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Crochet Basics: Crochet Hooks

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There are several different types of crochet hooks, and they are used for different things. There are steel crochet hooks, aluminum crochet hooks, plastic crochet hooks, and Tunisian or afghan crochet hooks. Steel crochet hooks are the smallest, followed by aluminum and plastic. Tunisian or afghan crochet hooks are unique, as they are long handles with one crochet hook on the end. They resemble a knitting needle more closely than a crochet hook.

Steel Crochet Hooks

crochet hooks
Steel crochet hooks are made of steel, and they are the smallest of crochet hooks. Generally these are used with crochet thread instead of thicker yarn. They are imprinted on the side with their size. Some are just steel, while others have plastic or bamboo handles. Below is a chart of the US sizes with their millimeter equivalent.

Size 00
3.50 mm
Size 0
3.25 mm
Size 1
2.75 mm
Size 2
2.25 mm
Size 3
2.10 mm
Size 4
2.00 mm
Size 5
1.90 mm
Size 6
1.80 mm
Size 7
1.65 mm
Size 8
1.50 mm
Size 9
1.40 mm
Size 10
1.30 mm
Size 11
1.10 mm
Size 12
1.00 mm
Size 13
0.85 mm
Size 14
0.75 mm

As you can see from the above chart and picture, the larger the size number, the smaller the hook size. This is important to note.

Aluminum Hooks


Aluminum hooks are made of aluminum, and they are the larger type of crochet hooks. The sizes that are available in aluminum are also available in plastic and wood. Some companies even offer interchangeable crochet hooks, where the head of the hook can be swapped out to change the size. Like steel hooks, aluminum hooks have their size etched into the side of the hook. Since these are larger hooks than the steel, instead of using thread, these are the hooks you would use with typical yarns. Below is a chart of the aluminum hook sizes.

Size B
2.25 mm
Size C
2.75 mm
Size D
3.25 mm
Size E
3.50 mm
Size F
3.75 mm
Size G
4.25 mm
Size H
5.00 mm
Size I
5.50 mm
Size J
6.00 mm
Size K
6.50 mm
Size N
9.00 mm


Three sizes are found only in plastic – size P, size Q, and size S, which are 10.00 mm, 15.75 mm, and larger respectively.

Tunisian or afghan crochet hooks

Tunisian/Afghan hooks

Tunisian, afghan, and double pointed crochet hooks generally come without size markings on the needles, because the markings would cause the yarn to catch. When you purchase these needles, the size should be listed on the package of the needle you purchase. However, if you buy them second-hand or inherit a set of hooks, you may not know the size or have the original packaging. There are size gauges available to purchase from most craft stores that you insert the hook into the various sized holes and you can figure out which size it is.

Tunisian hooks come in various sizes, similar to aluminum crochet hooks. The difference is the Tunisian crochet hook is a long (around 12 inches) hook, which is used much like a knitting needle. They come in wood, plastic, and metal. The sizes vary from C through N.

There are other varieties of crochet hooks out there, especially antique ones, that are unique or different than those you would find in a store today. Experiment with any and all sizes and materials, and find which ones you enjoy the most. Happy hooking!


  1. I tend to use the aluminum hooks over the steel ones basically for the ease of handling of them with carpel tunnel ...

  2. Yes that is common from what I understand. There are also people who make custom handles for crochet hooks of all sizes with a very comfortable grip to help with CT and other issues. I think you can find them on Etsy :) Thank you for the comment!


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