Monday, October 31, 2011

Yarn Basics: Labels and How to Read Them

Yarn label for new ribbed-entrelac hat
This is an example of a yarn label. A yarn label contains a lot of essential information about that particular yarn. In this example, you can see the name of the company that produces the yarn, the name of the yarn, and the weight of the yarn in the top section of the label.

This yarn is a worsted weight yarn called Cascade 220 Superwash. It is produced by Happy Knits, Inc. Their website is also listed.

Next you see the fiber content. This particular yarn is 100% superwash wool. Below the fiber, you see the quantity of wool in grams (100 g) and ounces (3.5 oz) as well as the length in both meters (200 m) and yards (220 yds).

Beneath the yarn fiber/length information, you find the gauge. In this example, gauge for both US size 7 and US size 6 knitting needles is given. Please see my article on gauge and how it works here!

Next is information on where the yarn is produced and who distributes it. Below this information you find the care instructions, which are extremely important. For example, if you wash a handwash wool in a washing machine, you may find a piece of felt waiting for you instead of your original creation. So please, check the washing instructions carefully!

Next you see the color and lot numbers. These are also essential to understand, especially when making something that uses more than one skein of yarn. If you are making something which uses multiple skeins, such as a sweater, it is important to make sure that you are using the same color and dye lot, or else there can be slight discrepancies in the color. So make sure to purchase enough yarn in the same lot to complete your project!

This is an overview of a yarn label and how to understand what is on it. Understanding your yarn will make each project more enjoyable!

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